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File Theo's Theory Marketing & Management Stratagies Theo’s Theory on Marketing and Management Strategies is a Business-2-Business (B2B) reference manual designed for neophytes and seasoned entrepreneurs, business executives, sales departments, marketing, and social media departments, website developers, managers, and frontline employees. Its Core principle and focus is that Customer Satisfaction is the foundation for success and sustainability. Social Media Disruptive Innovation has turned traditional marketing, advertisement, branding, communication and entrepreneurship upside down. It has leveled the playing field. Today educational institutions are preparing students with the proper training and tools for future jobs that does not exist today. In order words, they are equipping them with formulas and tools that are applicable across B2B and B2C platforms. This reference manual was designed based on the same principle. To give you the necessary information to trigger your creative mind that will lead you to come up with the formula which fits seamlessly into your project or business venture.
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File THEOism 2 - Critical Thinking For The Open Minded FOREWORD This exceptional publication is worthy of inclusion and uses in all living libraries to strengthen our human awakenings as mortal luminaries while we traverse this multidimensional earthly plane. THEOism 2: Critical Thinking for the Openminded, authored by the award-winning visionary, entrepreneur, media engineer, and seasoned griot elder Theo Chambers, illuminates the sociocultural, wombniversal and exponentially infinite spheres of consciousness within the “Invisible Cosmos” essential to openminded thinking that embraces and releases our acts, thoughts, and self-sustaining deeds. This work combines critical thinking networking stratagems for positive growth, transformation, and life pathways that strengthen humanity’s linkages with “any Earthly or Multiverse Network in a simplistic, pragmatic and harmonious manner. THEOism 2: Critical Thinking for the Openminded empowers humanity with holistic tools for implementation in the daily lives of humankind while “on Planet Earth before their passport expires.” This publication explicates the synergy of body, mind, soul, spirit, and consciousness in a conversational format to expand human awareness and comprehensive life strategies surrounding success, love, and marriage, digital technologies, parallel universes, birth-to-life transmutational awareness, masterful critiques of our thoughts in material planes, religiosity, and spirituality, and the culmination of the elements of critical thinking moving beyond earthly limitations of cognitive development, cognitive dissonance, and holistic balance. THEOism 2: Critical Thinking for the Openminded accentuates and exemplifies living practices for embracing the presence of ancestral DNA within our human framework and being that expands a planetary truth of “Pure Thoughts is the Cosmic Knowledge and Understanding” in abundance when authentically tapped into. The essence of enlightened souls embracing ancient ancestral memory and monumental physical spaces in contemporary times are integrated throughout learning conversations and sharing wisdom. Through a lens of “THEOism practitioners,” astrotheology, “Cosmic Laws of Creation” as the “Cosmos is on Automatic Pilot,” so-called artificial intelligence, and much more are shared with life-centered expansion opportunities for holistic healing with sacred intentions for open-minded truth seekers, ancestral visionaries and more complemented with loving, open and honest conversational messages creatively woven into a tapestry supporting life, strength, health, wellness, and prosperity in abundance. THEOism 2: Critical Thinking for the Openminded is a wondrous literary journey encompassing civilization building with actionable critical thinking life practices within “Nature’s University,” bringing extraordinary rewards for abundant prosperity for humanity for generations. A must-read to be lived and experienced!
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